About "Show Me, Tim"


I am one of the many fans that Tim Ferriss has and like everything that surrounds him, as a restless person and eager to learn, I love all the recommendations of products, books, apps, movies, etc. that appear in their posts and podcasts.

So recently I had the idea; "it would be useful to group together and categorize all the links on the blog".

Since I am a programmer, who better than me to do it?


As a free time project, I aimed to create it in the shortest time possible and in the most automated way to get an MVP that was useful.

I developed it using the fantastic Laravel framework (PHP / MySQL) and Twitter Bootstrap 4 in the interface.

All the links and references were obtained with a little of imagination and web scrapping (Goutte). After having the raw database with the links grouped by references (posts or podcasts) I used tools like Diffbot (the trial version works like a charm), Goutte, NlpTools, and Aylien to detect duplicates, broken links, extract information from the links, and basic categorization.

While automating many aspects, the complete revision of all the products and references was also carried out (manually), besides that, I will be updating the references and products according to Tim Ferriss take out new posts and podcasts.

In short, a project for free time (it takes me about three days) in which I had a lot of fun :-)