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Plenty of books in the business section lay out strategies for success in the working world and in life, but many of them seem like they are designed for people who want an excuse to avoid real work, making unrealistic promises about “life-hacking” and other dubious efforts. CrossFit champion and multi-million-dollar business owner Jason Khalipa sees things differently. He found his success in other, more honest ways, like valuing hard work and making every minute count. The role models who informed his career were people who went to work early, stayed late, and did everything they could to fill each hour with as much productivity as they could find within themselves to give. Finding Your Why outlines Jason’s unique model for success, which comes down to simple but important things like acting with intention, setting high standards, maintaining good values, treating others well, putting family first, and doing hard, relentless work. All of this is driven by finding your why – the life’s purpose that motivates you to be the best possible version of yourself. Don’t be suckered by promises of a three-hour workweek or hacking your way to greatness. Success is about taking real ownership of your goals and putting in the work to achieve them.

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