Essential Cuisine

Publisher review: Michel Bras is a three star Michelin chef, the owner of an extraordinary inn located in one of the most beautiful spots in France, but he is much more than that. He is the author of a cuisine filled with fres emotions. Each of his dishes is a discovery and simplicity itself. It is a happy and iventive cuisine. It is a cuisien that owes more to love than to science, auniverse filled with wonder. Ginette and Michel gambled on the sky and the high land. Their son Sébastien and his wife, Véronique, live this adventure together with them. It is a great team. To live an work at Puech du Suquet, they chose a bold architecture that suits the high plain of Aubrac, in the heart of the land where Michel Bras sees himself. Local products garnish the tables, as do the silverware and the famous knifes of Laguiole. Aubrac inspires not only Michel Bras' best recipes but also some of his best photographs. More tana a simple portrait, Essential cuisine is the work of a great chef in his maturity and an invitation to share his universe.

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