I Seem to Be a Verb

"For the first time, man has the chance to be a complete success in his environment." This startling thesis is supported in I SeemTo Be A Verb, by the out-of-the-ordinary authors: R. Buckminster Fuller: Comprehensive designer, inventor, engineer, mathematician, architect, cartographer, philosopher, poet, cosmogonist, choreographer, visionary -- celebrated for developing geodesic houses that fly and for dysmaxion ways of living. Jerome Agel: Conceived and produced The Medium is the Massage, produced War and Peace in the Global Village, wrote The Making of Kubricks 2001, is writing with Arthur C. Clarke Arthur C. Clarke Meets Hieronymus Bosch, conceived and wrote the CBS lp record based on The Medium is the Massage. Quentin Fiore: Graphics designer and author, co-author with Marshall McLuhan of The Medium is the Massage and War and Peace in the Global Village, media and telecommunications consultant, Director of By Other Means Foundation.

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