Prank the Monkey: The ZUG Book of Pranks

Making A Monkey Out Of "The Man" How does Bill Gates respond when you try to kiss him on the nipple? What are the consequences of sending in your tax return, filled out entirely in roman numerals? What happens when you wake up e-mail spammers with 4:00 a.m. phone calls? Action-packed and stocked with laughs, Prank the Monkey follows the quest of one crusader of justice as he dishes out revenge on the world's biggest-and most deserving-targets. Superprankster John Hargrave goes after Wal-Mart, pompous celebrities, and the entire U.S. Senate in this outrageously funny book, exposing them for the chimps they really are-and shows you how to do the same. This premiere volume features dozens of all-new pranks, more ambitious than any attempted to date, plus updated versions of the stunts that made ZUG famous.

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