"This business has legs": How I Used Infomercial Marketing to Create the$100,000,000 ThighMaster Craze

"Only in America could a would-be monk convince a faded television star to pitch a rehabilitation device designed for Scandinavian skiers and create a nationwide sensation. The marketing strategy alone is worth the price of admission."
--Paul B. Brown Special Correspondent for the Business News Network (BNN) and coauthor of Customers for Life

"This is the first time the person behind a fad lays out the whole marketing strategy he used. Even I learned a lot."
--Bob Rice Pet Rock Promoter

"Within a matter of months, Peter Bieler created a $100,000,000 industry out of nothing. This fascinating book chronicles step-by-step how he did it."
--Steve Dworman Publisher, Infomercial Marketing Report

"As a jack, in an emergency, if you have a very small car ... As a rack to dry homemade pasta ... Prop it on its side and presto! Twin picture frames ... Have it bronzed and claim it's a very early Henry Moore ..."
--Diane White columnist for The Boston Globe on alternate uses for the ThighMaster See Inside for Exciting Contest Details!

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